Intimate Waxing

Intimate Waxing

At Sheared Secrets we understand how daunting it can be to get intimate waxing done for the first time which is why we make you feel as comfortable as possible and take care of you every step of the way. There are many different options when deciding what intimate waxing is right for you.

The Bikini Line wax

The “Bikini Line” wax is a very simple technique.
While wearing your underwear the visible unwanted hair around the sides will be removed leaving you with a very tidy bikini line. We advise that you do not wear your best underwear but can provide disposable pants if required.

The Brazilian Wax

The “Brazilian” wax treatment is very popular and is carried out by Laura who has more than 10 years experience in intimate waxing.

This treatment removes unwanted hair from the labia majora or outer lips right round to the anus whilst leaving a neat shape of well groomed hair on the mons pubis or more commonly referred to as the pelvis.

The shape that is left is personal preference however the most common shape is what is known as the “landing strip” which is a very thin horizontal line. You can have any shape you like.. A diamond, zig zag or even a heart for Valentines!

This waxing treatment can be carried out whilst keeping your underwear on however to achive best results it is advised that they be removed.

The Hollywood

The “Hollywood” is considered to be the most hygienic with regard to intimate waxing as it removes all unwanted hair in the area. This is a treatment that requires you to remove your underwear completely.

Bin your razor and say goodbye to ugly stubble and razor bumps and start waxing to achieve a perfectly smooth bikini line with flawless results so you can be confident when at the pool or on the beach.

Description Price
Bikini Line Wax £7.50
Brazilian Wax £10.00
Hollywood Wax £13.50
Abdomen * £1.50
*Abdomen wax can be added to any of your waxing treatments or can be booked on its own.

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